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*** Within only one or two treatments I started to notice a real difference – particularly in the quality of my sleep. After over a year of restless, broken sleep, I am sleeping deeply and peacefully again. My energy levels are higher than they’ve been in a long time and I am learning to relax and be at peace. Thank you, Sher – not only for the impact of your treatments on my body, mind, and spirit, but also for creating such a safe and loving spaaaaaace. Esther

*** When I met Sher two years ago at a Red Cross benefit, I had been consulting an energy healer and lightworker to guide my practice for several years. My spiritual work, along with daily meditation and yoga maintains my energetic balance, heightens my spiritual awareness and assists in creating mindful living. My most recent Hot Stone Shiatsu treatment with Sher transformed itself into a profound energy healing session with implications for my future practice and path. During the treatment, I was mindful of the openness of my spirit to accept and integrate the healing. I was in my second trimester of my first pregnancy and felt a connection to my baby that manifested in two ways; my stomach felt warm and supported, and I visualized a light orb circulating my womb and baby. This was connected to sparkling white light rods that circulated through my shoulders, crown and heart centres, and my stomach. Early in my treatment, I felt a release in my crown chakra. I experienced white light emanating from my eyes when I opened them following the treatment.  I spent two mindful weeks integrating the energy healing through daily meditation, yoga and rest. During this time I was sensitive to inorganic stimulation and media. This was a time of reflection that clarified my thinking in a professional and spiritual matter that I had been meditating on in recent months. I am incredibly grateful to Sher for bringing her healing gifts into my life. Much Love, Tara Grisdale

Mountain View

*** I genuinely want to thank you, Sher, for all of the amazing energy work we have done together. You have helped me come a long way since we first met a few years ago (drug and alcohol hyper-user) and I honestly would not be where I am on my life’s journey without you. When I see you for treatments everything in my life seems to just flow with grace and ease.Your earth energy is awesome and every time I leave your house something good happens that day. You’re a good girl, and I choose to believe the universe brought us together to accomplish some powerful things.

Mike B.


*** Since my first treatment with Sher, I have felt a significant difference and the problem in my spine is finally healing.

In my early 20’s, I injured my spine when I fell on my tailbone and for 17 years it caused me grief in one way or another. In my late 30’s, it became significantly worse after the arrival of my first child. While a visit to my osteopath helped for a short period of time, the pain resurfaced with the arrival of my second child.

For many years, the treatments I tried including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic care and massage therapy without much success.

After visiting a neurologist for tingling in my hands and feet, he suggested physiotherapy for the back pain however visits to the physiotherapist made my back problems worse.

My massage therapist referred me to Sher and after the first visit, my tailbone and lower back no longer hurt. After each weekly visit, I feel stronger and I’m able to face the world pain free. I’ve also noticed that I’m able to let go of emotions and situations easier where before they could linger for days. Now I just feel better all round and internal peace follows me wherever I go. Thank You, Claire

Mystical Forest 11*** I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to access treatment through your outreach clinic at the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. Over the past year your treatments have had a profound impact on my life. As a person who has been living with HIV for 16 years I work dilligently to maintain my health. Through access to your amazing treatments I have found a renewed energetic revitalization that has afforded me the opportunity to re-involve myself in many activities that I had let go of some time ago. I find that after each treatment it is as though my mind/body feel “clearer” and my energy and excitement for life grows steadily, as does my ability to handle so many more exciting endeavours. I am truly grateful and appreciative for your kindness it has impacted me in life-changing ways. Thank you for your service and please know how meaningful the impact that sharing your gifts has been in my life. Many blessings, Tommy King

Looking Up, Oct. 2015*** I met you about 5 years ago when you healed my back pain at the Burlington Mall. At the time I knew nothing about energy healing but that experience – which also helped me gain new perspective on troubles I was facing during the most stressful point in my life – made me a believer. I have since learned how to practice Reiki and soon plan to go for level 2 Reiki. That single experience has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I have been receiving your newsletters and I love the messages and insight you provide. As you have written about this period of time for people to self-reflect, I feel even more confident that this is exactly where I need to be at this point in my life. I thought you should know that you have had this positive impact on me (and thus my children). Most of all, thank you. Jennifer Cairns

Mama Cocha, Lake Ontario*** During the treatment I had intense sensations in my hands, feet, and thighs for quite a while. To me it felt as if my extremities were swollen, very warm and tingly, energy shooting downward. Also, I saw colours in my hands: reds, blues and white lights like sparks. After a while the pressure really built up, and became somewhat uncomfortable and tiring. You had to help me stand up and let the energy drain down into the earth. A few days after this treatment, I felt very intuitive and quit my job, something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Kirsty

CNE 2015

*** When I first saw Sher at the CNE, I had a foot pain that was ongoing for one year. With Sher’s 20 minute shiatsu treatment, it went away for good not to return again. The next year, I returned to the CNE for another massage because my right hip gave me pain and the pain went down the side of my leg. Again Sher healed my pain and the problem never returned. Lately I had severe pain in my right arm and neck area. My doctor told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist. It felt like a tube of pain ran down my arm into my wrist and I couldn’t lift my arm. It took me 2 days to find Sher’s card and then I drove for 30 minutes to Sher’s Burlington location for a one hour shiatsu. I was so happy and the smile would not leave my face when I sat up from the massage table. All the pain in my arm and wrist went away and I had so much energy when I left Sher’s place. Now I feel so much peace and calmness. The words that come to me now are truth and honesty and that is how I describe Sher and her healing massage. Thank you very much, Thamaianthi

Wolf 01

*** Hi Sher, I am grateful for having you in my life.

We may be further away from each other, but the universe somehow brings me back to you for your insight and education.  How I miss your treatments!

Be well!  Until the next time our paths cross…

Kindest regards,

Jenifer Kwong Elen

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