Meet Sher

Spiritual Leader and Teacher

Sher, Putukusi

Emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual healing is accomplished through working with the sacred stones of Peru, Bolivia and Apu Rocky Mountains. Stagnant energies from the body are digested and transmuted so that higher frequencies come through.

Pyramid Heart Stone

It’s taken many years of complete dedication and service to be chosen to integrate Spirit as it embodies, surrounds, and channels through Sher. During a treatment, she is without thought for most of the session. The glands in her brain have transformed to allow in more Light.

Sacred Experiences in Peru

Apu Pacha Tuson

Teacher of Transformational Healing at Sacred Sites.

Sher accompanies individuals on visits to Peru, and has done so 2-3 times a year since 2009. Psychic abilities and shamanism are often confused. A shaman uses their gift in visionary, clairsentient, or auditory form when receiving spiritual messages. Attempting to see the past or future is forbidden for shamans, as it modifies the outcome of the original Divine Plan. Shamanism isn’t codified, although it does require many years of development.

Condor at Colca Canyon

When we speak of our race, religion or country, it separates us from the rest of mankind. When we separate ourselves by belief, nationality, or tradition, we become prejudiced or biased. Man, who seeks to unite spiritually, is not part of a country, political system, or religion.

His purpose is total harmony of mankind ~ Sher

When we draw lines between what’s yours and mine, it only serves to isolate us. We are all unified by the same thread that many identify as Spirit. In this way, many traditions we practice do not truly belong to any culture – they are ours as a whole.

When doorways open and our perception shifts, the vastness of the unknown mystical world can make us feel insignificant and humble.

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Spiritual Gatherings

Machu Picchu Sanctuary

In spiritual gathering, pathways open to the lower chakras, enabling us to pull in Light through our crown like a Crystal Rainbow Waterfall. With a strong link to intent and contact with Mother Earth, we unite the Upper and Lower Worlds through our being.

Sher creates a safe place, offering a spiritual exchange, while embracing a dynamic energetic force, to assist in opening the heart and soul to Spirit. Our intention is to build personal power through Source.

Kissing Llamas, Machu Picchu

Please note deposits are non-refundable – the internal tickets are purchased and money is sent to the people we work with in Peru, whether to the travel agencies or the families that host us.

Sher is an active community member who is determined to ensure the protection of all nature and wildlife. She is involved with issues such as hunting vulnerable species, diminishing aquifers, and excessive logging.

Love we Share, Light we Give and Wisdom we Carry™ ~ Sher

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