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One morning after just waking up, I went into a deep meditation to understand my purpose; to ask what happens to people I work with in spiritual gatherings and during Shiatsu treatments.

During a treatment, I find areas with denser energies resulting from stagnation and stored emotions. As spirit works through me surrounding me and channeling through me,  energies are digested and removed. The Light comes through in a very subtle way as I ask Spirit to take over, giving this person what they need or are open to receive.

Many years ago during a Shiatsu treatment, I would energetically tune in through touch and sense while opening the channels (meridians), moving the energy down the legs, clearing it and amplifying the higher frequencies. Depending on the person, their patterns and symptoms returned unless they did their own homework. Most of the session was the act of doing.

Some people got a little freaked out because we would journey or they saw things they couldn’t understand, while receiving a massage. This is when I realized that it wasn’t for everyone. Without an attachment to the outcome, it is up to the soul and God and my role is to be that clear vessel.

At a Vegetarian Show at the Harbourfront one year, a woman told me that years ago I gave her a treatment that changed her life. When she got up from the massage table, she was followed by many angels and it felt like she was walking on butts. Since then she has tapped into her spiritual body and learned Reiki and other ways to enhance the connection she has. After hearing similar stories over the years by others, I realized that I was planting the seeds.

When I gave this same woman a more recent treatment, I could feel the Light coming through as the denser energies cleared from her body. I also felt that she needed to do more work on herself and that this depended on her and her purpose in this lifetime. Not everyone evolves as quickly as others nor are they designed to and I can’t force the process.

Treatments and spiritual gatherings help people break down the walls created in society but it takes time, with much dedication and patience. From my experience, the personality plays a huge role along with foods in our diet.

If energy is trapped in the head and not coming through the body, there can be a few reasons. Most often the energy from the solar plexus (the human body’s energy source and where the emotions begin) moves upward toward the heart but if the heart is blocked, it goes into the throat. For people who are not able to express themselves, the throat can also become blocked. Thyroid conditions are common. When energy is stuck, we break contact with Mother Earth where it is absorbed in her womb and transmuted into Light.

When the massage is over, most people comment on how they feel or what they experienced. If their heart and throat are blocked they ask me what I experienced or what I saw. They leave out the most important part…what did you feel/experience? With the heart and throat closed off, it would be hard to feel. Just know that the answers lie within and not outside and usually with a few treatments, you will expand your field as the answers flow.

We must look inside ourselves and not outside through the insights of others. I don’t agree with doing readings on people and don’t feel anyone has a right to do that. For many years I witnessed the damage done, either by the person not being ready or the info being inaccurate. I could play the role of being that person they need me to be and have them dependent on my insights but I have no interest.

My role is to introduce you to ‘who you really are’ by showing you your limitations and by being aware of the life you have created. Once this step is accepted, the cleansing and healing begins. Change does not mean erasing anything but rather altering our reality. With clear active chakras we can download and connect to Divine Light.

When I give a treatment, I can feel ‘other’ energies attached to people that are not their own. Each time we work with healers or psychics etc, we merge with their energies and depending on the person you are working with; their energies may become attached to you. Over the years, these scattered energies are no longer smooth and usually form a shell encompassing their being. Together we may unlocked the door but it’s up to you to go within.

Our issues build our personalities and create our lives. Remembering that our perception is only a holographic template and not reality, can help us step outside the box. Spiritual gatherings and treatments help to open us up by ‘stopping our view of the world’ but we still have to do our homework. Each person’s work is independent to them and could be to remain in stillness as often as possible for as long as possible or to connect with nature, the elements and animals.

After a client receives a few treatments, I have a good idea on how long the process will take. There have been times when I felt there was nothing I could do or if I continued, it would take a very long time. Usually I discourage these people from coming back because they are only looking for a physical body massage. Although I might break through the shell with energy, I won’t waste our time if they are not designed to follow this path.

Please understand that I don’t get my insights from books but through experiences.

Unity, Sher

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