Spiritual Gathering Testimonials

***My sister Sher, This is Taj speaking.

I wanted to reflect upon my experience and share it with you for the profoundness of my journey still resonates within my soul. I was a lost and helpless soul trapped in a vicious cycle of self-destructive behavior before I embarked on my journey with our wonderful group of friends. I lived a life of deception which the spirit of cannabis had me convinced was reality. I thought I had reached a level of thought that others normally did not have but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The realm of thought that Mother had invited me to visit far surpassed any level I’d ever experienced. Forced to unearth dark memories, Mother has given me the strength to open a dialogue with them. The visions and messages I received were so relevant to my life, it was nothing less than eye opening. One of the messages I had clearly received many times was “sometimes to escape our minds, we must open our eyes”. Being a classic over-thinker, this stuck with me and has helped me ground myself in reality and not be trapped by a tornado of thoughts. My visions of constricting serpents told me that there are things that are constricting my life which I must let go. I wanted to thank your allowing me to embark on such a journey and I plan to return soon. Please take care and I would like to hear from you soon. – Taj

***During our meditation at Adriano’s there was a whirlwind of natural elements coming through, it was breathtaking to feel the downpour of rain on the hut as Sher had just begun to welcome the rain through song, singing, “have you ever seen the rain”. It seemed as though at the end of her exhale the sky fell open and all the rain in the world rushed over our hut as we lay there in meditation, it was roaring, with a mighty force that was undeniable. Truly astonishing to witness, I could not keep myself from giggling in wonder and amazement. At the same time, feeling no surprise at all but instead more confirmation of Sher’s true strength as a spiritual teacher. Similar happenings had occurred in her home back in Canada. In this moment, there was a euphorically refreshing love for the cleansing energy of the rain. The wild sound and movement of nature was humbling in its majesty. There was an insurmountable joy for the welcoming rain, as it filtered through energetically merging with and cradling our meditation.

There was a similar experience in our Canadian forest when the energy in the room was really building through Sher’s song and just as she began to focus on the elements of nature with her song. On the moment her lips pronounced the name of the wind, you could hear it blowing through and rustling up the side of the house stirring the room. It was incredible, I remember squealing in my bed with silent amazement, wowowowoow…, that was just unbelievable. Then we did an exercise as a group where Sher had us bring in the energy of grandmother moon , and that was really powerful, her energy could be felt infinitesimally, the expansion of the room, the actual presence of the moon had been brought in, emanating its healing warmth to the room, this presence was small enough to fit in the room yet large enough to be the moon, you could feel the energetic beams which safely transported it in and out of space, so healing. Then I connected once more with the stars receiving the blessings of an angel warrior much like a gladiator in a crystalline skirt and armour apparel, she was so stunningly gorgeous in her carved white features.

In Peru, from my experience I remember receiving bundles of energetic downloads, while laying on the ground there was a weight that pressed through my being past the floor into a past life. Then the rush of visions like riddles and ribbons, pouring through like traditional textile stitching, just kept multiplying floating, gushing, existing within my body.

During the first meditation when Douglas sang to me, I could feel a shooting light from my spine that connected me to the stars, bringing in the light of a goddess protector. She was me, as a fairy with purple fluttering wings like a massive gorgeous insect, and she was wrapped around my body as a shelter, housing my being, keeping me inspired along my path, to step forward with trust and confidence into the unknown parallels of the future.

And the divine connection to starborn lights kept surging down stapling itself to my base, unfurling love as it built its energetic stature around me, so forceful yet so balanced in its generosity and gentleness. The base chakra would flower like a lotus releasing its grip in the bud to reveal a new season of life, the budding heart of the flower would soften its glow and peel away its static form, to bring motion and momentum to life

There it was so free and real, I had to bring my awareness to preserve this memory, the fluttering feeling of petals combing themselves out along your sides, to make you the center of their universe.

So many layers of shapes and sounds, to reflect and repeat this pattern a light year of times over, weaving silver, gold platinum strips and strings of sizzling bright iridescent lights. Beaming out the sides. I loved to sing it was so wholesome and my voice was completely present and open.

Then during the meditation with Luis, I had never heard such a beautiful song, such bliss, the feeling was like watching someone fold origami, sensationally intricate and multidimensional. Very layered as if several people were singing at once but more than that it was a gripping with its sensitivity, very fascinatingly smooth in the way his voice could move through ranges and pitches to fill the room, just an entirely new experience, mind blowing.

Side notes of experiences that stood out or reoccurred in meditations

– Spiritual beings arming me on all sides to experience security in all expressions of self

– The downloads from Adriano felt very much like swallowing snakes of many forms to have them enter your bloodstream purging from the center line

– Felt de-cored, as if someone had reached in and pulled out the rotten seeds from past lives and childhood trauma, to invite a new world of sensation through purification

– To be free in every feeling of the word and the power it carries

– To open our spiritual lights and eyes

– A shooting connection between myself and the stars. Uniting as one force to share and receive creative blessings

Irene ☺

This testimonial was written by someone who came to Peru with me, and has participated in close to 30 spiritual gatherings with me. When we are dedicated to one teacher, our aura and energy is not tainted by many outside forces so that personal growth can be achieved. -Sher

Templo de Sol

*** Lately some serious effing potential has been awakening in me through meditation, and developing through practicing massage. My ability to perceive, understand, and move energy is going through the roof! And I’m melting away the biggest traumas of my life (like huge icebergs that just crumble away and flow right on out), clearing those energies out of my being, and opening chakras. I am aware of EXACTLY what I’m doing too, although I never plan to do it, I realize that I AM doing it and I know what is happening. For example, I can identify exactly what trauma / experience / relationship I am clearing. All of these are things that I have experienced and first learned how to do during the spiritual gathering, but now they are happening in my daily life!

I can also read other people’s energy and work with it very intuitively (I could before to an extent, but my ability has just exponentially increased in the last few weeks). I’ve been giving a lot of massages lately, and my hands just know where to go and what to do, and I’m opening channels and clearing blockages as I work. Last week I gave my dad an energy massage, and I could actually SMELL the energy as I pulled it out his toes and fingers! I’ve been having visions in savasana (the lying still pose at the end of every yoga practice) and meditation for a few weeks now too, and last night I received a message while meditating that I am a healer and a witch. Which is a very interesting message, to say the least. I’m starting to understand new ways that I can help people heal; not too sure yet what the witch part looks like but I guess I’ll find out. It’s like all of the potential / power / gifts in me are waking up, at the exact same time as (and enabled by) the deepest healing happens and I let go of the deepest traumas. I mean, all of these are processes that have been happening for a while (particularly since I started attending spiritual gatherings just over a year ago), but just in the last few weeks it’s like it all just exploded! Like what was happening in drops and rivulets all of a sudden became Niagara Falls….

My creativity has exploded in this time too, along with my ability to connect energetically with people who are physically very very far away. It’s all very overwhelming and exciting and slightly frightening and yet somehow not really surprising either. Hmm….. Erin

2*** Hello Sher, thank you so much for this email, it was a pleasure to read. Also thank you so much for all that you did this past weekend. I had a feeling that this time for me was going to be the one in which I would have a break through after failed previous attempts.

I felt it was going to be successful for me, both having a Woman lead a meditation circle and secondly I had found a new love in my life, which opened my heart.

I can say on Saturday night without any doubt in my mind, that it was you, your spirit, your spirit soul, whatever it could be called, but it was you, as I would have recognized you walking down the street, that came to take my spirit’s or soul’s hand and lead me up to meet the “Mother”. I say Mother because even though I could not make out a face through the bright white light, I definitely know it was a female presence.

After you left me with her, and I began to resonate with the frequency, everything became crystal clear to me in my life. Although I was completely exhausted during my vibration and needed Rene’s help in order to stand up again, the next day I was full of energy, even though my arms felt like they had gone through quite the workout.

Even though I am going through a difficult stage in my life currently, things are starting to happen for the better, I had more great news again today.

I was so moved by my revelation of finding the “frequency” I’ll call it, and like I mentioned to you, I felt if I lay my hands on someone that was ill, I would have cured them, it was that powerful, I have since Sunday been able to vibrate at that frequency at will. I can touch someone or something, relax for a minute and then start to vibrate my hand and arm into the person or object. It is still amazing  to me, so I am going to keep practicing it so I don’t lose it to see what may become of my new found talent I’ll call it for now.

The “frequency” also made it clear to me the reason or explanation of my 4 decade long love affair with my high school sweetheart, for which I am currently pursuing. What a wonderful feeling it is. I am going to be relocating soon to the Hamilton area, so I would love to come by and share a tea with you one day for sure.

Thank you again for the wonderful journey you helped me to go on, and I send you and Rayne all my love, Mark

Owl 2*** Hi Sher, thanks a lot for the week-end. It was very different than all the other spiritual gatherings I have been to with others. Yours was more profound but the main thing is that change continued for days after and this is new for me. This is now four days later. Something has definitely shifted inside me. My intention was acceptance and now it seems clear what I need to do next. The change inside me is showing me the way. Big Hug, Rene

*** Hi Sher, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the healing work that you do. My experience with you was a necessary one, one that I am very grateful to have had. You asked how you were ‘different’. I felt very safe with you and I felt you connected with us. Everything you said and each movement you made during the meditation circle felt like it was meant for me, your words were strong and were immediately integrated. I felt your presence and teachings to be very important for me. Your approach is beautiful and sincere and I thank you and Spirit to have allowed me to be there with you.

Tomorrow I move to the Ottawa region. Some chapters are ending and new ones are beginning. I am transitioning and in movement towards new life experiences. Although I will be farther away, you can count on me making my way back to you to continue my healing journey towards growth and expansion.

A very appreciative Thank You!
Sending you my love 🙂 
Loulou xx

Isla del Sol, 2015*** Hi Sher 🙂 I think I am still processing… It’s been a tough couple of days and feeling kind of down. I’ve been very emotional Sunday and Monday, just felt like sitting at home and recharging. Didn’t really feel like being around people. The spiritual gathering alone was very powerful for me with experiences that I am still in process of understanding, plus hearing and seeing the experiences of others was also incredible and powerful. Still whenever I think about Lori, I get tears in my eyes. I am so grateful that she shared her experience, grateful to everyone for sharing. I am so touched – it had a really big impact on me. Even now tears are just rolling out of me. I can’t explain it in words. I haven’t felt this way after the first two.

It really was magical. I am so happy that I got to attend the meditation circle outside at that location with you. Overall, the experience was really incredible. And yet, while I was journeying, I remember thinking that the more I open, the more she shows me, and I thought that at this moment she is showing me something incredibly beautiful and positive and I was truly thankful for that, but the experience around me reminded me that everything is temporary and that bliss can end at any moment and she can show me agony. And I thought why do I even seek this experience? I remember asking myself that and I couldn’t really answer – I just told myself to enjoy that moment. And now, I keep thinking about why would I even ask myself that question at such a beautiful moment? Is it fear? Is it my sub consciousness? I don’t know. I try answering the question… I know the experience has changed me, I can feel it. I know that it has already had a big impact on my life. I truly believe so. You know, even writing this makes me realize the experience more and appreciate it more. I should really use that journal :))).

Overall, I am happy about the spiritual gathering, it was very interesting, the visions were incredibly beautiful, unimaginable even. I wish I could paint… and I now know that I should have made notes during, because I find the memory has faded a lot… The circle was a little challenging – When it came Irene’s and my turn to share the energy it felt like everything was so dark around and all I could see were eyes when I looked at her and then later at you. All I saw were your eyes. And strangely I felt the connection almost right away with both of you. As soon as I connected with you – I was really out of it, like I completed my mission and could now let go. After I collapsed and laid down for a little while, I felt completely fine – I was really surprised. Hehehe, what a quick change. Yet, as we were hiking back I could hear the river again so close to me – really amplified sound, as if she was calling. I am really curious about rivers. I am so very thankful that we had our gathering by that river, Sher! THANK YOU!!!

I really felt one with the earth. I felt how the light was coming out of me – through my head, out of my mouth – I felt my mouth fill with air as it was trying to escape. Really interesting feeling.

Sher, all the best to you and once again, thank you so much for everything you do! Lena.

*** Dear Sher, here i am finally writing to you and I don’t quite know where to start, because my last experience was quite overwhelming to say the least. So let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for conducting such a wonderful spiritual gathering. Thank you for guiding us through this. And thank you for helping me get out of wherever that was I have been.

Sher, have you seen my hands when you came to lift me up? They were paralyzed. They looked like bird’s claws. I couldn’t release it.

As i was driving home, i saw big birds flying in the sky. I am not sure what kind. At that moment i have realized, could it be that the Falcon is my animal spirit? Considering my past experience…

Is it strange that i am making a connection between everything that happened in my life before to my experience with the circle?

After you brought me back from my journey, i felt unlimited gratitude to everyone and everything involved that day. I am happy that whatever that was-came out! I feel very happy now, and i feel stronger! I walk around with wide spread shoulders, like i don’t feel the weight of the world on me! What a great feeling!

I am just asking for patience and courage to continue on that journey.

I love you, thank you. Anna

*** Hi Sher, I am in a complete state of awe and gratitude. There are no words that I can express that can tell you of all the gifts I received. Everything is much more alive to me I see absolute beauty in all things. What I witnessed while assisting Lori while on the magic carpet 🙂  I will hold in my heart as sacred forever. Thank you for your trust and for giving me this opportunity to help.

I meant to tell you Sher that the time you came over to me to ask me to cease laughing as I was unconsciously disturbing the group, when you asked me to pull inward and you ran your figures (or possibly a feather) down my spine, my chakra’s light up and all connected by a beautiful bar of energy that then took me straight back to Heaven. It blew my mind.

I have been writing notes as I’m traveling as the memories of everything is still pouring in. I can’t wait to see what happens next time. I am truly grateful to you Sher for the magnificent blessing you are to the world. “Many Thanks”

Until we connect again Love and Light to you Sister 🙂 Kind regards, Joe

*** Hi Sher, I just wanted to thank you.  Being my first gathering I was amazed at the level of comfort I felt.  The energy was amazing and everyone was so beautiful.  Your guidance throughout this journey has been incredible.  I am so lucky that Spirit has guided me to you.  I am very grateful for this. The warmth and openness that was conveyed through you to everyone was indeed a beautiful gift to all.  You create such an amazing space for all of us.
I look forward to many more meditation circles and to visit your new space that I am sure is lovely and the energy that you will bring to it and that it will provide to all of us will be exceptional I am sure.

 Thank you, thank you. Michelle Campbell

First Group- Healing Tree*** I didn’t know what to expect walking in. So I tried not to have expectations. The details would take a long time to express, so I’ll offer the results. I feel no compulsion to engage in any negative behaviors. I am changing my diet a little more,  to maintain my health. My sinuses,  that have been constricted for a very long time, are no longer a problem. 

I feel the emotional weight I have been carrying around is now gone. While life is still throwing things at me to test me, I am very mindful and catching myself most of the time. While it can still be a struggle, I feel I have the upper hand now. I may have never felt this good in my entire life, if I have it hasn’t been for a very long time. Dave

***Hi Sher, there were many notable changes in the days following the gathering. On a physical level my ears ring most of the time which seems to draw me to meditate more and makes me feel at peace. Once or twice a day I do the silver ball meditation you taught in the meditation circle, thank you for that. I have a strange sense of peace and a grounded nest that I’ve never had. The need to speak and has diminished and when I’m very quiet I carefully listen to my thoughts but have no need to talk like I used to. In a way I feel like I found my voice. Yet I am Quieter than I’ve ever been.

During the gathering I had many experiences that I couldn’t share with the group but one experience was honestly and truly an overall sense of love. I felt such incredibly love while seeing a lot of pink lights surrounding me and in me. The strong burning in my spine is now felt as warmth. I still feel like I’m connected to something different and I never want that feeling to go away.

I also wanted to share with you that prior to this I had been a big user of marijuana. It was something I picked up after my surgery that I thought I couldn’t live without. I have not needed it for pain, in the way I used to, as there’s been no pain, which is so surprising to me.

I’m honestly so grateful for my experience and so grateful for all the words that you said. When I got to a place that scared me, you either said the right words or sang the right song that allowed me to pull myself out or go deeper. At one Point you told me to open my heart during a moment when I was experiencing a very bad childhood memory. It felt like you knew what I was experiencing and supported it with your words and songs. The entire experience felt like a flow or a dance. I can’t wait to come back again.  I feel like I grew more than I could’ve imagined and learned more than if I read a million books. I am literally counting the days until the next gathering. If you decide to have one sooner or anything changes please let me know.

Thank you very much, Helen

Puma Coca***I wrote this after the spiritual gathering. Thank you for such a beautiful Life affirming night Sher. Xo

I want to be split into pieces over and over again to remember what it feels like to be part of everything.

I want my soul to be yanked through my skin to forget my separateness just long enough to take a breath of oneness.

I want to see reflected in your eyes, the truth I know in my heart.

I want you to build so much trust, you open.

I want you to crack down the center and let all of the messy pain fall to the floor; and not try to clean it up, but to examine it. Claim it. Love it.

I want you to tell me about your wound that will not heal; the one that always has 20% of your attention. How you still get up day after day and live and smile and love and create and do it all with such grace, that no one notices you’re still bleeding.

And I will tell you about the loneliness I have known. How its pain blinded me into addiction and self-sabotage. How I tried to drink it away and starve it off. How I shrunk and hid.  And then how I stood still and felt all of it. Felt it for so long that I accepted it. How it’s duller now; that I’m still aware of the hurt, but observing it instead of acting on it.

I want you to describe to me (in such great detail I can taste it) how your heart felt when it remembered how much it is loved. And if it hasn’t had that awareness yet. I want you to do it now. Remember how much love is pointed in your direction. And how much you have to give. Let your heart overflow, and describe to me the floods in your chest.

And I will perform for you the rhythm of my heart’s beat in this moment.  How love has replaced blood as the current being pumped from my heart through my body.  How my DNA feels different today. And how I’m not who I was yesterday. That I am so filled with the rapture of being alive, that the tears leak out whenever my eyes remember how revered my heart is. 

I want you to know how worth it you are. And see the limitless potential you hold. If only you’d remember to remember. 

I want you to remember.

I want to share with you the secrets of our universe that the great mother has whispered in my ear. I want you to listen and believe me and walk with me, so that we raise the vibration of this planet together. Trish

Sher and Rayne***Hey Sher – this is what was going through my head while we were in the meditation circle. Thank you so much for the lovely experience and I can’t wait for the next one.

What drives us to continuously create, appreciate and understand art? Maybe it is our job to try and explain or best interpret what the Creator has given to us, like a deep, multi layered drama movie that you need to watch over and over to fully grasp. 

It is the drive to understand the biggest mystery that pushes humanity to create and evolve and no matter which stone we upturn, we find an even more complex problem underneath it. Like a cosmic prankster that keeps knocking down your sandcastle after you keep rebuilding it with more and more sturdiness. Maybe something bigger is driving us to keep searching. Maybe the Mother Earth created human beings as a catalyst, a way to speed up the evolution of the planet into a further dimension…

Through breakthroughs in understanding the world around us, we begin to feel closer to solving the mystery. And when you start to piece together your own personal explanation of the movie, then you get that rush of being close to something bigger that the director will never reveal. The feeling that it wasn’t all just a chaotic plot, that this whole thing was somehow planned in a giant jigsaw puzzle plot that would take an intelligence of immense capacity to conceiveTyrone

***Hi Sher, the Divine Mother keeps calling. In the aftermath of Saturday I knew I had very much to clear before. I AM ready for a spiritual gathering in September outside in the sacred spot.

Trusting in the process and the unfoldment of it all. “I was like a doe in headlights” before the ceremony, and bewildered after and needed to run after the energy was in me to keep my feelings of “safeness” because I didn’t know what to expect.

The process is an amazing experience of wonderfulness. I can see my divine purpose again. Blessings, Kim

***My intention going into the meditation circle this weekend was centered on any insight or healing concerning this extreme passivity I express. In the day(s) since I see more and more that this passivity extends to relationships with people as well.

Relatedly, I have always attached myself quite strongly to the idea of being a good, kind, humble person. I didn’t boast, I avoided conflict as often as possible, I would bend over backwards and was proud to ask for nothing in return. And I would also resent people who seemed to go through life just taking whatever they wanted on a whim.

What’s interesting is that, though in my day to day life I was all things good and kind, there was a darkness and a violence that would often show up in my songwriting. That shadow side peeking its head out, perhaps.

During this weekend I felt myself being filled with this sense of power and aggression. It felt very primal and animal. I began to experience myself as a kind of beast. A wolf. Fangs. Claws. And a hunger. Almost a violence, though not violence for its own sake. Rather, a survival instinct. When a wolf takes down a deer, it is because there’s a need for meat, for survival. The wolf is taking what it needs from the world in order to survive.

This idea of an inner wolf has been a powerful image for me to hang onto. Like a power animal, I suppose, though I think it’s important not to distinguish between myself and the wolf. The wolf is a part of me, it is me, and I need to bring it closer to the surface in order to balance my personality/actions more. To be compassionate and aggressive rather than compassionate and passive. To eat what I need to eat. To say what I need to say.

And to use my creative work as my claws and fangs, and dig into the arteries of my fellow humans. Because if the music and the writing is good, they’ll be glad to be wounded in such a way. ~Jeff~

Running Energy***Hi Sher, basically within a week of the spiritual gathering a bomb exploded in my life and I knew that without a doubt I had to go through some big changes. My work was closing for the season two weeks afterwards and I was planning to stay in Peterborough for the winter, but after this I knew that I had to leave.

Three weeks after the spiritual gathering had happened, I had completely packed up my belongings, filled a knapsack with camping gear, said goodbye to the woman that I love (we’re still in love, just from afar) and set out for the West coast. I hitch hiked to Winnipeg, and then Flew to Vancouver. From Vancouver I met up with various friends and then ended up where I am now, on Salt Spring Island. I plan to spend the winter here, connecting with a spiritual community and further exploring the process of awakening.

Thank you for all your love and light, Sher. Sam


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