University Of Wisconsin Salary Reduction Agreement

Your UW TSA 403(b) contribution limit is reduced in dollars for dollars by the contributions you pay to one of the following retirement plans: other 403(b), 401(k) and Federal Funds Management Plans (FST) and SIMPLE IRAS, SIMPLE 401(k)s and IRAS salary reduction. The UW TSA program offers fixed pensions, variable annuities and investment funds. TIAA offers a variety of webinars on the following topics: Investing in your future, living in retirement, planning for today and tomorrow, saving for life stages and spending to the extent of your possibilities. You can view these webinars, whether you have registered for TIAA or not. After clicking on the link below, scroll down the page and click “Explore Webinars”. TIAA WebinareIf you have logged in, use your login information to access it. If you have not registered, you must click on the “Register for Guest Access” link and follow the instructions to log in. Once you have logged in, you can either register for upcoming webinars by clicking on one and filling in the information, or you can select “On-Demand Webinars” to access stored webinars that expire 30 days after the date indicated. Note: Roth`s IRAs can only be wrapped in other red IRAs by federal regulations. Ameriprise/RiverSource has consultants for all sites. To find the nearest location, call 608-819-0500.

Note: Only use Adobe Reader to open and fill out PDF forms. In an investment fund, your money is pooled with that of other investors and managed by an investment manager….

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