Ua Local 179 Collective Agreement

Well, so much to say first, I`ll start by saying that there`s enough work for us at the restaurant, because 800 of us are laying off site issues, so I`ll try again. As an apprentice (324 years old) and raised in a union budget (dad was cupe and now a member), I have always held union ideals high. I try to recruit when I go to school. You know what the answer to my question is, why they are not at the restaurant?.. “I like to work too much to join the union.” How do you react to this statement if you know they are correct? I joined 2007, it`s now 2014 and I still don`t have a ticket. Three months of average employment a year makes it very difficult to start a family, let alone pay for school and get your hours. Since most of these hours are a pipe reel in the shipyard, it makes me rather useless in Alberta. With limited options here, I kind of got stuck. Going to the other area is a way to avoid bankruptcy and sleep in a box or my car, let alone my wife and two children. Are you starting a conversation about something more important than perhaps responsible for unemployed members? Do we pay them every month? Or finally! That is what needs to be done.

He has needed this program for some time. Glad he`s on his way. Evan G. . .

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