Traducir La Palabra Agreement

The advantage of buying as personal software is that you will enjoy a better and easier interface to use with many other functions, including verbal taggings, bilingual verbal conjugation, double window synonyms, voice phrase search and a unique collection of 40,000 color images related to names. […] How is the agreement translated into a legal context? Automatic translations are now on YouTube translation of manuals and brochures […] 1. Treaty: From the Latin contractus. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) tells us that it is the Confederation or Confederation, orally or in writing, between the parties who are held in certain cases or the case and which they may be obliged to respect. The second meaning of the word is the document that contains the terms of the convention. 2. Convention: to approve the verb. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) tells us that it is the adaptation, the convention, the treaty. 3.

Agreement: to accept the verb. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) shows several meanings of this term: 3rd resolution in courts, societies, communities or colleges; 3.b. deliberate decision of one or more persons; Three.c. Agreement between two or more parties; 3.d. Reflection or maturity in determining something; 3.e. knowledge or meaning of something; 3.f. appear, opinion, advice; 3.g. Use of the senses, understanding, clarity; Etc. This synthesis of concepts can illustrate the meaning of each of these words, but as a translator, we must always respect the general meaning that the author of the document we translate attributes to the text. The bilingual online dictionary program provided here is a free service from Word Magic Software Inc. You will notice that it is the most comprehensive French-Spanish bilingual dictionary online on the network, which shows not only direct translations, but also synonyms, complete definitions, sentences, linguistic phrases, phrases, examples of use, famous quotes and compound entries, and everything related to your search word. It also offers pronunciation in English and Spanish, the separation of syllables and grammatical attributes.

It also accepts conjugated verbs and feminine and plural forms in Spanish as valid entries. This word is part of the content of our dictionary in your Versin Premium. This content contains thousands of difficult words and phrases, technical and special, including translations, sinnimos and definitions. As we see, the three terms reflect the idea of the agreement as it is used in the legal texts. They are so closely linked that one is defined by turning to the other.

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