Tour Guide Service Agreement

Whether you should pay for the guide depends on whether the guide is your collaborator or an independent contractor. If the guide is your employee, you must pay at least the minimum wage for the city, state or country in which he will work. Another central theme for both parties is liability assurance. If you wish to insure yourself against the negligence or misbehaviour of the chief, and if the chief wants to be insured in this way, the parties need a written contract explaining the duties of each party. (a) grant MeetinRome and its related companies and licensees the right to use, reproduce, reproduce, display, implement, adapt, edit, distribute, distribute and promote content in all its forms, anywhere and for the purposes of selling and marketing MeetinRome or your tourism offerings; If the guide is indeed a valid contractor, then it is normal to pay him anything and provide only a free trip that accompanies the payment group. From the guide`s point of view, the key is to determine if, how and when the guide is paid or if his travel expenses are reimbursed. An important question is whether the guide will receive compensation if the Tour is cancelled just before the start date. 9. Payments about you If MeetinRome recovers the full amount of the services you provide, we will pay you all funds actually received from us, net of our booking fees, subject to any deductions for amounts withheld under Section 8. You can also prohibit the Guide from consulting your clients for future visits without using your agency. You may wish that the guide accepts that he or she will not make competitive visits with you for a number of years.

This agreement defines the terms and conditions between MeetinRome Sas and users who have established a tour guide profile. This agreement expressly limits our responsibility. Alternatively, guides can only choose in cases where it is not feasible to transfer money to you, but to charge meetinRome only one booking fee. In this case, the Agency will pay for the De Tour Guide services that were purchased at the time of the visit, in the amount and currency that were indicated at the time of booking. The question of whether you can use this alternative is at MeetinRome`s sole discretion. You must read this agreement before using the site, creating a profile and setting up travel services. The use of the Site is an agreement on all the terms of this Agreement and you guarantee that you understand, accept and accept all the conditions contained here. 6. Transaction agencies search for the services of tour guides using the site. The guides agree that MeetinRome will cover the full cost of the tour guide`s services. 3. Using the MeetinRome website and services connects you to agencies looking for tours and travel services.

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