The Four Agreements Activities

4. The next step is to develop awareness of all self-limiting beliefs, based on fear, that make you unhappy. You take an inventory of everything you believe, and it is through this process that you begin the transformation. The Toltecs called it the art of transformation, and it`s quite a championship. You achieve transformational mastery by changing the fear-based chords that make you suffer and reprogramming your mind in your own way. (pg 107) So my work started to make agreements with myself and, ultimately, to add so many that it was difficult to keep them all. They will ask themselves powerful questions like: Don Miguel Ruiz studied neurosurgery before an almost deadly accident led him to teach with a healer and a shaman in Mexico. Now he teaches what he`s taught others. The Four Accords, one of his many books, are a thin, easy-to-read volume that indicates four practical ways to ensure a life of happiness and freedom of fear. Here`s another example: for centuries, we`ve agreed that suffering is inevitable (or worse – “Life sucks, then you`re dying”). The agreement to believe in suffering is so much part of our consciousness that we do not even question it. All the agreements, consciously and unconsciously, that we have inherited form our belief system.

Our belief system controls our lives. Ruiz says that if we want to change our lives, we have to change our agreements. 8. The four agreements seem to be common sense. Do you think it is easy or difficult to practice these agreements? Has the practice of one or more of the four agreements changed your life? Ruiz defines an “agreement” as a code of understanding and communication. 1. If you are alive without fear, if you like, it makes sense that you feel good. If you`re feeling good, it makes sense that everything is good around you. If everything`s great around you, everything makes you happy. You love everything around you because you love yourself. Because you love who you are. Because you`re happy with yourself.

Because you`re happy with your life. You are happy with the film you are producing, happy with your agreements with life. You`re at peace, you`re happy. (Pg 53) Thanks for sharing a link back to my site, I appreciate it! I hope your trip with the 4 chords was worth it 🙂 Language is for example.

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