Tds Clause In Agreement For Sale

There is no benefit for people with disabilities when it comes to TDS when selling real estate. The underperformance of the sale should correspond to the share of each buyer, as indicated in the exported deed of sale. (d) where the seller does not provide all the original documents at the time of execution of the deed of sale. You can check my contribution on the list of documents necessary for the purchase of Real Estate The clause should clearly indicate that the amount of the contract also includes the transfer of all the deposits paid by the seller for the electrical connection, the connection to water, to the owners` association, to the affiliation to the clubhouse, to the affiliation to the gym, to the downward contribution of the association`s fund, etc. In the absence of this clause, the seller may demand additional money at the time of the deed of sale in return for all deposits he has paid. The advance paid cannot be described as “any amount in return for the transfer of immovable property”. The payment thus made is an advance payment in accordance with the agreement. The transfer of ownership is carried out later, which may not be in the same year in advance. one. For all these transactions from June 1, 2013, the buyer of the property must deduct a tax of 1% at the time of payment of the counter-performance of sale. Even in the case of an agreed purchase or sale of movable property (e.g. B for trading activities, stocks) each advance is an agreed advance payment against purchase, the consideration for the transfer of movable property is also due only when the goods are actually delivered and delivery accepted, delivery as agreed.

Even in the case of negotiation, when the delivery of goods does not take place, the advance remains an advance advance or received and cannot be considered as consideration for the transfer of shares purchased in the hands of the buyer or as a sale transaction for such a transfer in the hands of the seller. The distribution of income on the transfer of an asset is made on the transfer of assets and not before . . .

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