It is said that the spirit of the Cannabis plant clouds consciousness or disconnects us from source. With this in mind, how convenient would it be, for those in control, to keep the majority of people in a state of disconnection from their true selves. Could this be why the drug has been legalized through prescription in Canada? Are the products they control GMO or modified to have specific effects on the psyche? Speaking from personal observation, over the past twenty years I have seen the effects of cannabis on people who have quit for several months and then went back again, as well as the effects on those who have been using the drug from an early age. Under the influence of Marijuana, we lose contact with our soul and our true purpose. There is a web or matrix as some would say, that holds humanity in a specific plane or field and this drug creates a delusional state that leads users to believe they are more creative or spiritually advanced. Many users begin mistakenly believing that the substance does no harm at all or otherwise convince themselves that it is better than drinking alcohol. But this is an illusion. Cannabis does not carry a frequency high enough to hold the sacred space needed for a clear connection with Source and addictions must be faced in order to be cleared.

Important skills are acquired in the developmental years of life and cannabis obstructs the development of healthy life patterns. When the drug is introduced around the age of 13, communication and problem solving skills are drastically diminished. People who are living under these conditions, often find the best way out of conflict is to avoid situations or people that are challenging; they prefer to not be taken outside their box or comfort zone. Life under the influence of cannabis is very limited because of the user’s delusions but if properly addressed, as addictions dissolve, the feeling of purpose will return, along with an increasing zest for life. As divine gifts and creativity become more apparent, the harmful effects of drug use become clearer. Convince yourself that you don’t need it and watch true life unfold. Learn the skills needed to deal with all situations in neutrality. It is so worth the effort.

A bit about myself before I go on, so that you may have a feeling for the validity of my words and experiences. Spiritual work has been a way of life for me over the last 15 years and in conjunction with this I bring much awareness from many sources. Along this journey, as I evolve, life becomes increasingly simple and my needs are few. Consider how many people you know that would be able to live in solitude, in complete celibacy by choice and feel content without music or people surrounding them. Without addictions to pull me away from source and soul, one can say there is a sure feeling of fulfillment and tranquility. In 2006, the glands in my brain transformed to allow in more Light and since then, long periods of time are achieved without thought. This progressive transformation allows for more energy to pour through when working with others in ceremony or massage treatment. Many Buddhist monks I know or have worked with, dedicate their lives to finding stillness without thought and sustaining this state for suspended periods of time.

In Dec. 2016, my brother came to visit me for 18 days. Most of his life prior was spent escaping reality through alcohol, drug and cigarette use, but during his stay, he was able to leave the substances behind with minimal side effects. Now 11 months later, he has a great paying job, handles stresses much better and no longer struggles with any addictions. Furthermore, he often now speaks about how smooth life is for him and says he feels as though he has a guardian angel with him. Another man was sent to me recently that had addictions to coffee, cannabis and cigarettes. He worked on my property for one week and found it easy to quit substances without withdrawal symptoms. The forest energy, no Wi-Fi, and lots of rest along with clean food, air and water makes it a smooth journey. Once addictions are clear and we learn to live in harmony with nature and self, new doorways open and the opportunities available become inexhaustible. Addictions to other simulations can be overcome as well. A good friend named Charlie practiced total abstinence from sexual stimulation and found the experience very rewarding.  During his journey he noted, “ I can feel the love. I’m on day 27 of no orgasm. Woah! What the…?! The benefits are plentiful and abundant. My focus, creativity and awareness are so heightened. Especially my awareness of love! I’ve never felt a fuller, healthier state before. Thank you, Thank you!!! I feel so fulfilled. I now have a much better idea of what you mean when you feel neutral and satisfied always.”

Sincerely, Sher

Spirituality and Cannabis
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