Payment Processing Service Agreement

It is very important to us that your customers understand the purpose, amount and terms of the fees you submit to us. In this sense, when using payment processing services, you agree: (i) to communicate precisely the type of transaction and the amount of the royalty in the corresponding currency and not to distort it before transmitting it to the API; (ii) provide customers with a receipt accurately describing each transaction; (iii) provide customers with a reasonable way to contact you if the product or service is not provided as described above; (iv) do not use services to sell products or services in an unfair or misleading manner, exposing customers to inappropriate risks or not disclosing essential purchase conditions in advance; and (v) inform customers that Stripe and its related companies are processing transactions (including payment transactions) for you. They also agree to abstain and provide their customers with a fair and neutral return, refund, cancellation or accommodation policy, and clearly explain the process by which customers can be reimbursed. If you accept payment card payments, we must share a certain amount of information with the card systems about the transactions we process for you with their cards, and if you do certain things, you must automatically report them to the systems. This may include sending you to the Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants (MATCH) Compliance Program, Visa Merchant Alert System (VMAS) or the Merchant Negative File Consortium, which is managed by Discover. If you are added to one of these lists, you cannot accept payment card payments. You understand and accept the disclosure of this information and the list itself, and you fully reimburse us for the losses caused to us by third-party claims and you waive your rights to directly assert against us the rights arising from such a report. Our notification of information under this paragraph is separate from all other rights that we may exercise under these conditions and we may terminate this agreement separately or block your reseller account due to the abuse or harmful activity that led us to write the report.

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