Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Agreement

Emergency non-medical transportation is the fastest growing sector of any medical transportation industry. A treaty is a legally binding document; this means that if, for any reason, one of the parties violates the treaty, it is subject to legal consequences; And you could even end up in court for the injury. Such contracts would generally be required by large medical institutions or health insurance companies. To make contact with the people mentioned above, you will need a full legal agreement as well as your company certifications so that your offer is weighted and appropriate for them. Make sure you have all the papers available, then send emails with your NEMT service. Also, don`t hesitate to physically knock on the doors of institutions (non-medical) and brokers to make sure your offer is heard and taken into account. Official medical training is not currently required for NEMT operators, but basic training in emergency medical care (such as vital assessment, CPR, use of defibrillator and other rescue techniques) certified by each official would be highly respected by NEMT brokers and your clients A service contract is also a legal document, but with the ability to break it more easily , with fewer consequences for both parties. For example, if you agreed to take 5 patients a day and expected it, but at some point, your partner will stop bringing you these 5 patients, and you would sit down and talk about the reasons instead of going to court immediately. Service agreements give both parties more flexibility and are more a legal statement of a partnership that benefits both parties than a frightening legal document for both parties. This is a more advantageous form of collaboration for non-medical institutions and brokers. When working with private clients, you generally don`t need contracts or agreements.

All you need is an advanced NEMT client software application to effectively communicate with your private customers and manage payments. Non-medical facilities: daycares, retirement homes, group homes To reach partners and potential customers, you should find relevant organizations on site and contact them through standard marketing tools and social media portals. Or, better yet, physically knock on their doors and leave your business cards, brochures and a sample of the agreement. A service contract is also a legal document. However, it can be abandoned more easily, with less or no consequences for both parties. For example, if you agreed to take 10 passengers a day and commit to it, but for some reason, your partner does not bring you 10 passengers, you would probably end up talking instead of going to court.

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