Liquor License Lease Agreement

The form below applies to a restaurant tenant (who also serves alcoholic beverages) who has leased the owner`s land and is building a new restaurant on the site. The following form is provided for a Commission lease for a restaurant tenant with multiple outlets in the same market. The lease includes a 27-room exhibition detailing the owner`s work for the premises as well as several other exhibits. This rental method is extremely favourable to tenants. This lease is designed for a small service of sandwiches and salads on the ground floor of an office building. Apply for the license for spirits for your rental location from the local Licensing Agency for Spirits Beverages. While procedures may vary, you usually send a request with your name and business information, as well as the license number and name of the licensee. Other documents you may have to submit include a copy of your lease and permission to perform a criminal background check or fingerprint cards. In addition, it is common for a levy to be linked to the application for a liquor licence equal to or greater than the normal licence fee. In most areas, spirits licenses are linked to both a physical site, an individual or a business. Many situations can arise to make the lease of a spirits license a better option for the licensee than to let it expire. It is also generally easier for a company or individual who wants a liquor license to obtain one instead of applying for an entirely new license, since the site has already been licensed by the licensing body.

However, as laws and procedures vary, talk to a lawyer or a representative of your local liquor licensing agency if you need help. It is customary for a rental agreement to have a certain amount of free rental time. As a Producer`s Counsel, you want to link this period to the period it will probably take to obtain a liquor license. You can also negotiate an eventuality that will allow the tenant to terminate the lease if they cannot obtain a licence. It is unlikely that an owner will agree to a long-term suspension of the agreement, so it is important to know the obstacles you face when obtaining the licence. The parties can compromise by subjecting the lease to the local city council or, if it operates with the tenant`s business model, obtain a beer and wine licence. The rental agreement gives the tenant a right of pre-emption in the event that the landlord receives an offer from third parties for the property he wishes to accept. Licenses are granted to a taker for a given site. It is therefore essential to understand who you represent and where they plan to do so before starting the leasing negotiations. Check alcohol control laws close to you carefully.

The original licensee is often responsible for ensuring that the tenant is fully compliant with all laws, so many landlords want the certainty that you know the law. In addition, according to local rules, you may need to take a test or participate in an interview given by the licensing agency during the rental process.

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