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Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

It’s important to understand all forces of energy: including the mainstream media, conspiracy realism, and the spiritual realms. The following content, is a compilation of ‘other’ insights to take into consideration as COVID-19 responses continue to develop. If we can step outside the box for a moment, we can development a more well-rounded perspective. After quarantine, may societies emerge with more respect for one another and find sustainable ways of living.

Although you may not have heard from me in a while, those who have been in quarantine and remain symptom free have come by to continue the flow of spiritual healing. During this unique transitional time, attendees have been bonding in a very special way, with an energy that feels like a soul group finding home. The population has been divided into two clearly distinct groups; while some are suffering in solitude falling down the rabbit hole, others are able to experience the portal of a force far greater than man.

To draw an example, substance users who have clouded their awareness are struggling with the disruption of their status quo lifestyles. With limits to outside stimulation, social contact, shopping, new relationships, bars, work routines, those with buried troubles are unable to pacify themselves. Being dependent upon cannabis, alcohol and anti-depressants for survival keeps one inside the box. Otherwise, evolving souls are experiencing a major shift in power dynamics. Possibly, an angelic benevolent being, affecting the whole world, has our attention.

As with SARS, this virus attacks the respiratory system, affecting the ‘breath of life’. The respiratory system is symbolically significant as well as physiologically, remembering we enter and exit this existence through our breath.

“The pandemic cannot be cured by medicine alone; it must be combined with good deeds, prayer, and humanity’s collective commitment to change its ways, most of all, its dedication to minimizing the damage it does to the Earth.” -Elder Matthew Mukash

Conspiracy Realism …

Reality check COVID-19 outbreak: airplanes grounded, borders closed, businesses shut, citizens quarantined, political power seized, democracy undermined.

Theory 1: People are predicting that the technology implemented for surveillance during COVID-19 will persist long after the virus has ended. The security laws in place will serve as a means to maintain power and control over citizens.

Other countries have already been found employing sneaky surveillance methods. For example: South Korea is tracking credit card transactions and street cameras to follow the movements of infected patients, Italy and Israel are using mobile phone data to do the same. Meanwhile in Russia, persons discovered carrying the virus have been assaulted in public without police intervention. Canada and the US are looking into similar measures, with Alberta planning to produce its own quarantine-enforcement phone app.

Theory 2: There have been theories about the intentional release of the virus in Wuhan, China. The epidemic, started December 12, 2019; merely twelve (12) days after Chinese officials implemented the most notable reform of drug testing and approval systems.In other words, Big Pharma was not pleased with China’s decision to have independent medical care.

Theory 3: The current medical crisis could be a smoke screen to hide symptoms of harmful 5G technology. Coincidentally, 5G emerged around the same time as Covid-19. The dangers of this new technology have been exposed in over 4,000 safety studies, including a $30 million report that links 5G to cancer and other diseases.

For more theories and facts, research Clive de Carl, James Corbett and Mark Steele:

Link to You Tube:


Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a medical practitioner of over 30 years, recently revealed that the medical journal Lancet, blatantly opposed the publishing of his article. The study contained academically credible sources and several reputable accounts proving COVID-19 to be a man-made mutagen.

Through lab testing, it became apparent that:

 “The 2019 COVID-19 strain includes splices of the AIDS virus (HIV-1, gag, gp120 spike protein) as well as SARS gene sequences It is widely known in molecular biology and virology that “novel” lab viruses spliced together are substantially more unstable as compared with viruses evolved over the millennia. The novel germs more easily mutate into deadlier strains that can more readily jump species according to accepted zoonotic science.”

In summary, lab viruses are more unstable than natural viruses and easier to mutate into deadlier strains.

For more information visit: Medical Veritas International Inc., Leonard Horowitz., search COVID. Also- origin of AIDS and Ebola lab viruses

More on the Topic of Vaccines…

By enforcing mandatory vaccines and immunization passports, the government could deny the renewal of passports or drivers licenses.

According to immune specialist Dr. Shiva, each individual has its own unique immune system or constitution; some may be stronger while others weaker and people carry different allergies. Vaccines that are injected into the bloodstream are not as effective as the natural process of immunity building. Foreign diseases naturally enter the human body through its orifices: the nose, mouth and eyes, developing necessary antibodies. Healthcare is most effective when it is individually tailored, as Dr. Shiva explains, “one pill doesn’t fit all”. Thus a vaccine solution to a global virus would likely be ineffective.

Vaccines affect the DNA, mutating its expression, leading to more serious diseases and compromising the immune system. Moreover, DNA strands contain dormant markers which change over time through one’s environmental exposure and genetics. While the body is naturally equipped to work with viruses and respond accordingly, what the body is not prepared for is combating man-made biological warfare. This contradicts the body’s intelligence as vaccines inject their damaging genetic code into host cells.

Another way to understand this process is through the concept of natural selection, the way in which a species naturally evolves and adapts to its environment. Through this process, the weaker populations of a species die off while the stronger continue on to the next generation. As we can see with COVID-19 the virus is mainly affecting the elderly, with victims of the younger generation surviving and making complete recoveries. Based on information provided by acquaintances who tested positive for the virus, symptoms are usually mild; similar to that of a flu lasting around two weeks and starting with a migraine. In case studies, people have been able to recover without medical intervention, making the development of a new vaccine questionable.

With the leads provided, be open to all possibilities that may affect our lives or the future of the planet. The geological era we are living in, known as the Anthropocene is marked by the negative impact of human activity. Let us pivot at this time to redirect the trajectory of history in the making.

Openly and Truthfully, Sher Arnfinson

Disclaimer; all parties must request permission before citing information from this newsletter.

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