Distributor Dealer Agreement

We hope that this material will help you resolve the issues related to entering into an exclusive distribution agreement. The following points must be taken into account when concluding the merchant contract: e. The relationship between the parties. The distributor is an independent contractor and is not considered an employee, legal representative, merchant, general representative, joint venture or partner of the company for any purpose. The distributor acknowledges that the company has not given it the power to make changes to the company`s terms of sale, to grant guarantees going beyond those granted by the company, or to limit its commitments or appeals inferior to the company`s commitments and remedies, to sign offers, to make commitments (explicit or tacit) or, in general, to limit the commitments or remedies of the company on behalf of the entity. to conclude or engage the company in transactions with customers. Government authorities or third parties. A. Exclusive appointment. Subject to the terms of this Distribution Agreement, the Company appoints and grants the Distributor the exclusive right to sell and market the Products to customers in the Territory (the “Customers”) and to provide other services as distributors to the Company, as set forth above. The distributor limits its activities relating to the products to customers in the region and refrains from selling or transferring the products to persons outside the territory, directly or indirectly, without the express written consent of the company.

The company may neither sell nor deliver the products in the territory, directly or indirectly, except through sale through the distributor, and the company may not, for any reason, contact the distributor`s customers without the prior written permission of the company. Receipt of e-mail notifications is not carried out. However, e-mails may be introduced as evidence in disputes, mediation or legal proceedings arising out of this Agreement, if they can be used to prove that a notification has been received, giving them appropriate weight after consideration of all evidence, including confirmation and/or appropriate supporting documentation. A business agreement is a legal document describing the contractual terms between a merchant and a merchant or seller. The details of a sales contract usually include the subject of the contract, the means of payment and the date of delivery. The trade agreement may also contain the obligations and responsibilities expected of the merchant as well as the reasons for the termination of the agreement. . . .

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