Collective Agreement Definition Bc

Any agreed plan is applicable as if it were part of the collective agreement. (d) give such instructions as the board of directors considers necessary or advisable with respect to the interpretation and application of a collective agreement concerning dependent workers and contractors in a unit deemed fit for collective bargaining under this Division. 2. If, after the meeting referred to in paragraph 1, the parties have agreed on an accommodation plan, the accommodation plan shall apply as if it were part of the collective agreement between the employer and the trade union. 2. In order to promote the subject matter set out in paragraph 1, a conciliation body must take into account the actual content of the disputed cases and the merits of the parties` positions under the Treaty and apply principles compatible with the employment relations policy of this Code, and shall not be bound by a strict legal interpretation of the dispute. (a) any person who is engaged or abandoned after the earlier date of termination of collective bargaining and the commencement of collective bargaining, 148 For the purposes of this Code, an application to the Minister, a notification requiring an employer and a union to bargain or a collective agreement may be signed when it is made; “collective bargaining” means, with a view to the conclusion, extension or revision of a collective agreement or the regulation of relations between employers and employees; (b) a trade union council composed of trade unions party to collective agreements may at any time apply to be certified in place of those trade unions. . .


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