Apple Support Agreements

Some services and repairs are covered by AppleCare plans. Check the terms and conditions of some plans to see which support services can be included in your Apple products. – Learn more about Apple TV Content Usage Rules on AppleCare for Enterprise can help reduce the burden of your internal helpdesk by providing 24-hour technical support to your employees over the phone. Apple will provide technical support for Apple hardware and operating systems. Apple apps such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers; accounts or personal settings. More information about using Bomgar™Software and Apple`s remote support in terms and conditions (not applicable in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India). Check out the software licensing agreements for the current shipment of Apple products by selecting the corresponding product below. You may be able to re-download previously purchased content (“Redownload”) on your devices that are connected with the same Apple ID (“Associated Devices”). You can view on the types of content available for the new download in your home country.

Content may not be available for a new download if that content is no longer available on our services. AppleCare for Enterprise starts with an AppleCare Account Manager – your personal link to AppleCare. Your AppleCare account manager helps you check your IT infrastructure, track issues, and host monthly audits of your business, including support calls and repairs. With the continued support of your AppleCare Account Manager, appleCare for Enterprise you and your team will get the most out of appleCare for Enterprise. – For each service, you may have connected up to 10 devices (but only 5 computers at most) at the same time as your Apple ID, although simultaneous streams or content downloads may be limited to a small number of devices, as described below under Apple Music and Apple TV. Each computer must also be licensed with the same Apple ID (to learn more about computer authorization, see Devices can be connected to another Apple ID once every 90 days. Covers up to 10 incidents at the company level and provides a four-hour response to high-priority issues (server failure), 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (12/7).3 Support for unused incidents expires after one year. AppleCare provides additional hardware service and technical assistance from Apple, including coverage for up to two accidental damage incidents every 12 months per device covered.

Covers an unlimited number of company-level incidents at multiple sites and provides a one-hour response to high-priority issues, 24/7.3 This plan includes an on-site audit by an Apple technical assistance technician. The terms and conditions in this Agreement, which relate to services, types of content, functions or functions that are not available in your home country, apply to you only if they are available to you. To view the types of content available to you in your home country, visit the services or check with Some of the services and content you have in your home country may not be available to you if you are travelling outside your home country. Your use of our services is subject to Apple`s privacy policy, available under Each AppleCare OS support plan includes support from AppleCare Help Desk, an annual technical support plan that covers an unlimited number of support incidents for installing, booting and using the software. hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting; and isolation for Apple-based solutions.

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