Apnic Membership Agreement

Your organization can choose to take it to the next level. for example, to have more voting rights in APNIC elections. However, this will increase your contributions. APNIC is one of five regional internet registrars (RIRs) operating worldwide. The services region covers the Asia-Pacific region. It provides services related to the registration of numbers and the allocation of resources, which delay the overall functioning of the Internet. APNIC members can transfer IPv4 addresses to each other as well as to members of RIPE and ARIN. The first inter-regional transfer in the world took place in 2012. The transfer fees collected by APNIC are high and correspond to 20% of the annual contributions of the ceding party. For new applications, an initial fee must be paid before your membership is activated and IP addresses are assigned.

Read more. MyAPNIC, our website for secure member services, allows you to keep your contact information and affiliation up to date, and it`s always available. Your APNIC membership level depends on how much IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space you have on your account. You can reduce your membership level by requesting the return of IP addresses. This contract begins with the receipt of the apNIC resource fee by APNIC of the organization (the date of the start of the account) and continues until termination by one of the parties. As a member of the NIR, the party designated as a member of the NIR is heard on the cover page of this agreement. The rights, obligations and remedies that are granted or imposed under the provisions of this agreement act to the extent that is not provided for by law. IP address transfer is essentially done when a corporation moves them to another entity.

It is not the same when a corporation changes its name. If your business structure is changed by a buyout, merger or reorganization, the initial affiliation agreement with APNIC may be null and void. Sometimes the organization that takes control must be registered to keep and manage REL numbers and IP addresses. You need this or another APNIC account to move numbers. APNIC updates records to reflect any changes made in this area. Having approved the application, a new membership agreement can be sent to your organization to sign it. This agreement begins on the date of accession and is valid for one year. After the start date of this agreement and for the duration of this agreement (including a renewed term), APNIC recognizes the NIR member as a member of APNIC and as the national internet registry for the country or companies defined in this agreement. In the event of inconsistency, the conditions set out in this agreement prevail over any other agreement between the parties. In the event of insolvency, APNIC may immediately revoke in writing all rights of the organization in accordance with the APNIC documents and terminate the contract. APNIC membership is open to all organizations. APNIC delegates resources only to organizations that are legally located or have networks in the APNIC region.

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