Agreement Review Process

There is a simple solution to avoid agreements and the wasted time that is caused when disputes escalate. Non-template agreement means any form (i) of the proposed agreement that has not been established by the Office of the General Council or (ii) a modified standard college agreement. A “modified” academic model contains a situation in which the provider has attached its terms and conditions to an academic presentation agreement or has modified one of the terms of an academic presentation agreement. To do this, implement a structured contract verification process. If you have a methodology, you are in a better place and you waste less time. Some types of contracts – such as share purchase agreements and IP licenses – have a well-established and well-known structure (in the legal community). B. Derogations from consideration by the Council. The following types of contracts are excluded from examination by the Council: in academic schools, the contractual administrator is the competent head of department or the dean. Technology contracts must be verified and approved by the IOC, contracts for the purchase or leasing of equipment should be verified and approved by the Director of Business Services, and employment contracts must be verified and approved by the Director of Human Resources, with the exception of full-time faculty employment contracts which are controlled and approved by Propst. The contract administrator is often the person whose department or school budget is affected by the contract. If the contract originator is a dean, the dean should sign the contract transfer form as a contract administrator and then forward the package for legal review.

The contract administrator should review the contract, confirm that it is necessary and appropriate, and address all other contract-related matters relating to the budget, staff and priorities of the department or school. The contract administrator will then record his agreement on the contract transfer form and forward it to General Counsel. Licenses, such as. B intellectual property licenses may be different. They are not work-based. In license agreements, you have license payments or royalties. Payments can be determined by a formula, for example per unit….

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