25.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Practice 1 Answers

Assembled subjects connect and accept plural text, unless they are considered a thing or modified by anyone. 15. Mathematics is John`s favourite subject, while civics is Andreas` favourite subject. Exercise 2 Put compound subjects in agreement with their verbs in sentences. Write an asentence for each compound subject and make sure that the compound subject and verb match. 25.1 Highlighting of subjects and verbs (number, singular and plural) Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Selection of verbs to correspond to difficult subjects. Write the correct Parentheses verb form to complete each sentence. 1. The Weavers` song has become a classic (a, a). EXAMPLE: Some players on this team have been disqualified. (a, a) P.

2. Either my mother or my father comes to meet. 5. The team that matters the most wins the league. (Lead, leads) 1. The news of the front page is often worrying. (is, are). For example, Louise or her sisters are usually at home in the evening.

(it is, it is) 2. The committee sometimes between them. (Disagree, disagree) 8. Either the magician himself or his assistants bring the audience. (hot, 5. The stars and stripes of the United States. (represent, represent) 5. Nelly, Dobbin or Prince a good name for the horse. (is, are). 7.

Both the man with the appliances and the plumber have arrived. (hat, have). 2. Pat, Dana or Tony are a good person to ask for directions. 15. Every cup and saucer broke in motion. 10. Kim or Kelly, the everyday. (deliver, deliver). 7. Neither Dawn nor her mother are in fashion.

(buy, buy) 4. Either my shoes or your coat is always on the floor… 5. The whole group has the same schedule. (follow, follow). . 6. Yesterday, the newspaper was not delivered.

(was, were) The time and temperature are displayed on the panel in front of the bench….

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