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Shiatsu Therapy

As a certified and licensed Shiatsu Therapist since 1994, Sher has learned how to combine several modalities in one treatment. HotStone Shiatsu™… the combination of the 3 words along with the technique has been Sher’s trademark since 2002. The hot stones warm up the back and neck while she works on the arms, legs and feet. After placing the stones on the legs and feet she is able to work the energy and muscles of the back and neck with less resistance.

Since heat is deeper than acupuncture needles, congested muscle fiber and stored issues may be cleared in less time because of the Hot Stones and Energy Healing. Working with the meridians (energy channels) and connecting points (self discovered) she is able to find stored emotions deep inside the tissue and begin the process of healing.

Sher finds that too much energy is stored in the head and as she clears the body of mental stress, she guides you on how to continue to release these energies in your everyday life.

When our chakras are balanced, we begin to learn on a cellular level how to find harmony within. Unless we clear the traumas and snags of the energetic field (including the aura) our complete body is affected. You can receive several massages but unless these issues are resolved energetically the problem continues to return.

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